31 July 2015

Engineers from Ignite Gas Care, based in Horsforth, have just carried out their 10,000th gas safety check as tough new laws come into force across the rented sector.

The achievement comes as landlords and letting agents brace themselves for new legislation which will makes it compulsory from October for all their properties to have carbon monoxidemonitors for each solid fuel appliance. In addition, smoke detectors will also have to be fitted on every floor with a living space.

The private rental sector is already under pressure to meet another new law which demands a risk assessment is performed on all hot and cold water systems to pinpoint any threat of contamination by the Legionella bacteria.

Ignite has taken on additional staff, invested in extra training and equipment, and is moving to bigger premises in Horsforth to ensure it has the capacity and capability to meet the expected surge in demand for its services arising from these new safety requirements.

“As the rental market continues to grow, so do the responsibilities of landlords and letting agents for making sure their properties have the ultimate protection in home safety,” said Jon Oldroyd, managing director of Ignite.

“The number of safety checks we are being asked to carry out, whether these be gaselectrical and now legionella, continues to gather pace.

“Landlords and letting agents know that failure to carry out these checks can lead to severe financial penalties and, just as importantly, deliver long-lasting harm to their reputation in what is a competitive marketplace.”

He added: “The 10,000th gas safety check is an important milestone for us as it underlines the depth of our experience and expertise. We”ve now added to that by recruiting extra staff and further strengthening our training programme so all our engineers are equipped with the very latest skills and knowledge.

“Our ability to provide all checks in a 'one-stop' service, minimising disruption to tenants and providing better value-for-money to landlords, is a big advantage.

“The expected increase in demand has also prompted us to look for a bigger base and I am delighted that we have been able to secure premises that enable us, and jobs, to stay in Horsforth.”

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