Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Did you know? In UK homes, electricity is a major cause of accidental fires - over 20,000 each year.

Nearly nine in ten (89%) electrical fires are caused by electrical products. However, a relatively small percentage of problems result from installation faults or people not using an installation correctly (11%).

Take simple precautions (such as a PAT test) with your electrical appliances, and have the electrics in your home checked regularly to reduce fire hazards.

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What is PAT testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (or PAT Testing) refers to the visual inspections and electronic tests conducted on electrical appliances to ensure their safety.
This is a good way for landlords to maintain high electrical safety standards in their rental properties.

What is the legal requirement of PAT testing?

Electrical equipment in properties must be maintained in a safe condition, even if, by law, PAT tests are not required. The health and safety of tenants and the general public is a legal requirement in all properties.

Therefore, PAT testing is crucial to any property that uses electrical equipment.

Ensure that your electrical appliances are safe and compliant.

How long does a PAT test take?

Typically, a PAT test takes 2-5 minutes to complete. Generally, PAT testing takes between 60–90 minutes, depending on how many appliances need to be tested and the size of the premises.

How long is a PAT test valid?

There is usually a 12-month interval between tests, but the interval can vary from 6 to 24 months, depending on the environment.

What will I receive with a PAT test?

As a minimum, you should receive a report detailing the following after the portable appliance inspection and testing:
- Peace of mind that your equipment is in working shape and shouldn't start a fire on your property.
- A list of appliances with their types, names, locations, and descriptions.
- For each appliance tested, a complete set of test results.
- An explanation of any failed items.
- Labels indicating whether the appliance passed or failed, the next test due date, and the inspector's signature displayed on each unit.

The engineer who performed the inspection and testing will be glad to re-explain the report if you are still getting familiar with the technical aspects.

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