25 January 2019

There are things you can do prior to the colder months, to try and avoid the hassle of getting a replacement when you need it the most, such as, maintenance checks, sorting the replacement of an old boiler in the warmer months. However, this is not always possible, or is sometimes overlooked, which is why we are committed to working as efficiently as possible when you”re in need of a boiler replacement.

So, how long does it take to replace and install a new boiler?

The length of time it can take to replace and install a boiler in your home can depend on a number of factors, but can generally take up to around 4 days.

If you”re replacing your old boiler with a new model of the same boiler type, and are having the boiler installed in the same location, then this can usually take just 1-2 days, unless any complications arise during the removal or installation process. If this happens, your engineer will discuss your options, and let you know what needs to be done.

What if I”m moving my boiler to a new location?

In some cases, if your boiler is in an awkward place, is taking up a lot of unnecessary space such as, in a bedroom, or is generally just an eyesore in your home, you may want to consider relocating your boiler when it comes to replacing and installing a new one. However, doing this will of course take up more time than if it were being replaced in the same location.

The engineer may need to make changes to the system, i.e. changing the run of the pipework, which can add, up to, an additional day on to the process. However, this can depend on where in your home you would like to relocate the boiler; the further away from its current location, the more work this may require. If you”re unsure about whether to relocate your boiler, or where is the best place to relocate it to, please feel free to ask our engineers who will be able to give advice on the best possible options, as well as provide estimated time-frames depending on what you decide to do.

How long will it take to upgrade to a new boiler system?

As we said, if you are replacing your boiler with a like-for-like system, this can be a relatively quick and easy job. However, if you are thinking of upgrading to an entirely new system, the length of time this can take may depend on the type of system you are upgrading to and from.

For example, upgrading from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler would mean that the hot water tank would also need to be removed. The pipework would then need to be altered to accommodate your new combi boiler. This may sound like it could be a lot of work, but assuming everything goes to plan, this can generally be a quick and easy job for the engineer, with very little additional time.

On the other hand, if you are changing from a combi boiler to a conventional boiler, this is where things can be a little more tricky, and will take more time as this will require a water tank installation. Depending on varying requirements of your home, this can take between 2-4 days, but we advise to be prepared for this to potentially take longer, just in case there are any complications along the way.

Is there anything else I need to consider when replacing my boiler?

When our engineers carry out any type of boiler replacement and installation, we usually advise that it”s worth considering a power flush, especially if your system is particularly old.

Power flushing is the process of cleansing the central heating system, in order to remove any sludge, rust, or debris that may have built up in there over time. This ensures you have a more efficient central heating system.

There is also the option to upgrade your gas mains. If your current system is old, the pipework may no longer be suitable for a new boiler to be installed. This is not always the case when replacing an old boiler, however, as the requirements for the Gas Safe regulations have now changed, your pipework may need to be upgraded to ensure your gas run is up to the standard. We advise asking the engineer to check this and advise, prior to the new boiler installation, as this can add a considerable amount of time. If this is a straightforward job, it can take a few hours, but it can sometimes take a couple of days to carry out, before the boiler can be replaced.

If you think your boiler is ready for an upgrade, please don”t hesitate to speak to our team of Gas Safe engineers at Ignite Gas Care today.