30 July 2020

Site Visit Method Statement:

In these extra ordinary times we need to protect not only you, our employees and your family, but also the tenants of the properties you visit, employees of the agents you may have contact with when collecting keys and also members of the public you may come into contact with during your working day.

As a business we comply with and expect all of our employees to comply with current government guidance on Covid-19 including the “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” guidelines issued by the NHS (attached).

Crucially, if you experience any symptoms of the Corona Virus, you must notify the office and self-isolate immediately, which under current government guidelines applies to the whole family.

Key Points:

    1. Before approaching a property to carry out any works, put on your disposable gloves.
    2. On arrival to a property, if there is someone at home, reassure them that you have been given instructions on the precautions you need to take with regards to the spread of COVID19 and that at all times we are complying with guidelines issued by the Department of Health.
    3. On entering the property advise the tenant that our business policy in light of current government guidelines, is that it is safer for them and you, if they stay in another room whilst you carry out your work. If this is not possible then they need to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from you. Always be courteous and polite and listen to the tenant”s concerns.
    4. Once you have completed your work, ask the tenant if it is okay to wipe down any surfaces you have come in to contact with and dispose of the of the wipe in a separate rubbish bag. This is a requirement whether the tenant is home or not.
    5. You should also wipe the surfaces of any tools and equipment you have used.
    6. Once you have left the property remove your gloves and dispose of them in the same rubbish bag as the wipes. Please take all your waste with you and do not leave it on site.
    7. If the tenant is refusing entry, you must notify the office immediately and add an “action required note”.  The office will advise the relevant customer of the situation.

If you find yourself in circumstances which are not covered by these guidelines and need advice, please call the office.